Desert Safaris in Dubai

Of all Dubai’s beauty, nowhere seems to compare with its vast and glorious desert. From sand dunes to desert camps, authentic Arabic cuisine to camel riding, four-wheeled motorcycles to sand boarding, there are plenty of amusing sports to do on the Dubai’s desert! This is one of the reasons why many people like to visit Dubai.

Today Dubai desert safaris are one of the most popular events in the region. Activity in the deserts around Dubai is not only rich but also second to none. With its numerous deserts and sand dunes to choose from, a trip through the desert is wonderful. However, the entertainment we see today is not only an interesting experience, but also a traditional activity that allows us to learn more about local people’s lives in the desert.

Dubai’s desert safaris combine all the modern amenities, adventure activities as well as dinner and entertainment, making it one of Dubai’s most iconic and popular pastimes. At the desert camp, you’ll be overwhelmed by the variety of experiences and activities – from shisha to falcon-training, camel riding to sand boarding, belly dancing to buffet dinner. Everyone can have a great time here.

Some people may enjoy a thrill riding through sand dunes on a quad bike, while others may enjoy lying in a cold desert and looking the stars at a quiet night. Some of them may wait until the next day to witness the sun slowly to rise in the east. Passionate belly dance and tanoura dance are Arabian’s traditions.

The Dubai desert safaris take place at different times of the day. There are morning activities, mainly aimed at adventure sports such as dune bashing, sand boarding and riding quad motorcycles, allowing you to experience the thrill of the desert. Evening activities include enjoying buffet dinners, watching entertainment programs, henna painting and even sleeping under the stars.

The summer in Dubai belongs to the Tropical Ocean and Tropical Desert climate, so the annual temperature is high; the average temperature is above 40 degrees, even more than 50 degrees. The weather is extremely hot and humid. Most tourists choose to go Dubai at the beginning of the New Year. It is the golden time for visitors to fully appreciate the local customs.

Before going to Dubai, in addition to prepare short-sleeved shorts and long-sleeved trousers (there is large difference between day and night temperatures), you also need to prepare a safari hat. If you plan to go in the summer, it is best to wear a hat because there is no natural shade in the desert. The sun is very strong and the temperature is very high in Dubai. It is easier to sweat and even get sunburned. Except for applying sunscreen, a safari hat is also indispensable. If you want to do some activities, you can choose a cool bucket hat. It is breathable and waterproof. Meanwhile, a bucket hat can provide a comprehensive protection, including your face, ears, and your neck. If you are doing some physical exercise, you may choose a bucket hat with good ventilation that allow air pass through the fabric to keep your head cool.