What is a Good Safari Hat?

You may want to choose a hat to go Africa for safaris. But you still don’t know what is a good safari hat and how do you choose a hat for safaris? Well, most people who love safaris may encounter this problem. Going on safari means you have to stay several days out in the strong sun and you skin will be exposed to the hot sun. Thus, you need a functional hat to protect yourself from the sun and avoid skin damage. A stylish hat may make you look good while cannot give you a comprehensive protection.

A good safari hat meets all your needs for a sun hat. As we all know, three quarters of Africa are distributed between Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, and the equator runs through it. The region where the annual average temperature is above 20℃ accounts for 95% of the continent’s area. More than half of the areas are burning hot all year round, and nearly half of the areas have warm seasons and cool seasons. The climate is generally warm and hot: features high temperature, less rainfall, dryness, the distribution of the climate zone is north-south symmetric.

Anyone who has experienced African sunlight can attest to the extremely powerful UV rays, and a safari hat is the first line of defense against sun damage. But what makes a good safari hat? All the elements that make it a good sun hat apply to safari hats because they are essentially the same. But the one exception is that a safari hat is made of tough materials and looks stylish.

The most important factor to wear a safari hat is to get you protected from the sun when you enjoying the vast and magnificent deserts in Africa. It is well known that Sahara Desert is the largest sandy desert in the world. For a long time, the Sahara desert has been an obstacle to further exploration. Today, with the opening of several routes across the desert, many adventurers come to Sahara to explore the unknown. It’s one of the 10 most marvelous journeys in the world.

Temperatures in Sahara desert are unusually high, with surface temperatures reaching 70 to 80 degrees during the day, and sand absorbs heat quickly, so you have to protect yourself from the sun when you exploring it. You can wear a summer safari bucket hat with waterproof function when you are in the desert. Some people may think it is no use to choose a waterproof hat in such dry desert, but you would definitely sweat a lot especially when you are doing sand boarding or biking. A waterproof hat helps keep your head cool and dry.

If you want to wear a safari hat all day long, make sure the hat is comfortable to wear. Due to the hot weather in the desert, you can wear a nylon or polyester bucket hat that is lightweight and breathable with mesh panels. Your head will not get heat or uncomfortable. Besides, a good safari hat should have an adjustable chin strap to ensure the hat stay secured on your head even when you encounter sand and dust storm weather. A wide-brimmed safari hat may be better to protect your face, ears and neck from the sun and UV radiations.