Great Safari Hats

The magnificence and vastness of the African desert attracts a large number of adventurers come for exploration. The weather in the desert is dry and stuffy, the sun is strong and the surface temperature is really high. So you must do well in the sun protection in the desert. In addition to wearing sun-protective clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen, you still need a great safari hat. Especially in East Africa, most people who come to Africa for safari from north part where far from the equator, they do not know that the sun in the African desert can damage their skin. Because most of African region lies between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, the sun near the center of the Earth is strong enough to get you sunburned within a few minutes.

You may want to spend a few days in the African desert, so you should pay attention to sun protection, such as wearing a hat, sunglasses and a long-sleeved breathable shirt.

A great safari hat can give you maximum protection from the sun. Here are some good safari hats that give you a reference to choose your own safari hat.

This military green safari bucket hat is made of 100% cotton which is very comfortable to wear. It is very soft and lightweight with crushable cotton fabric that you can pack it into your pocket in any time. The hat is characterized by durable fabric so that you can wear it for a long time. There are some eyelets and mesh panels that allow the air to pass through the fabric and keep your head cool. And the built-in sweatband wicks away moisture from your head.

This khaki hat has a wide brim that keeps the sunlight off your eyes and protects your face, ears and neck from the sun. You may see a lot of hunters wearing this hat. The material of the hat is durable so that you can wear it in your whole life. Also, it has a solid construction which holds its shape and makes it look stylish. The highlight of this khaki hat is that it can float in the water, so that you can pick it up even it falls into the water. It has everything that you want for a great safari hat.  

This hat looks stylish and attractive. It features synthetic fabric that you can fold and pack it into your pocket or the luggage while won’t damage it. The hat is made of nylon with vents that allow air to pass through fabric and keep your head cool. It comes with an adjustable chin string that you can adjust it to fit your head.

This hat is not just for safari, you can wear it on any summer activities, such as hiking, surfing, fishing and more. The hat is made of cotton which is breathable and lightweight, and will not get your head overheat. It has a 360-degree brim that provides a full coverage for your face, ears and neck. This hat can be worn by both men and women.